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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama at USC campus on Friday 10/22 - Why so high school Barack?!!

Hope everyone had a great week...I did, it was my birthday on Tuesday!!  Just a quick rant on Obama's speech yesterday.  Even with his approval ratings down to 46%, democrats trailing in the polls for the upcoming elections and the california jobless rates soaring sky high in yesterday's report, Obama is still blaming the republicans for this mess we're in.  Hasn't he already been in office for almost 2 years now and promised all of this change??!!!  That is soooo high school of him.  I'd rather hear him talk about what he is going to do going forward instead of talking about the past and pointing fingers...come on now Mr. President. 

Now granted, Arnold can take the blame for a lot of California's issues, but as a corporate recruiter, I've been talking to folks all across the country and one consistent comment still keeps coming up from these candidates: "the economy imploded 2 years ago and I still just can't find a job."



We need good leadership and bigger balls!

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