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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

13 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose 6 Years of Your Life and Go Broke - The High School Tragedy of Brian Townsend (aka sbrugby), Online Poker's Boom to Bust!

13. Be a super smart college kid with a degree in engineering, mathematics, physics or statistics.

12. Get accepted to an Engineering PhD program at the University of California Santa Barbara.

11. Between studies, start watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN and dream of winning millions of dollars in the Main Event.

10. Instead of taking summer classes during year one and two of the program, move to Las Vegas and spend those three months playing limit hold em at the casinos and win $20,000.

9. Start playing online poker and become an expert at limit hold em.

8. Transition to the current game of choice, no limit hold em, and start crushing all comers within one year.


6. Get noticed by TV producers of the Game Show Network and get featured on their High Stakes Poker show.

5. Start collecting all the things that Lebron or Tiger would have: a big house, a porsche, a hot girlfriend, etc.

4. Hit a bad streak online and start cheating on Full Tilt Poker by using multiple accounts and playing these accounts at the same tables at one time.

3. Get caught cheating and start re-assessing poker as a career.

2. Get re-energized and re-focused and earn $2.5 Million in 2009...only to LOSE it all along with $1.6 Million more in 2010.

1. End up broke, NO PhD and wasting the last 6 years of your life in front of a computer 24/7 with nothing to show for it.

OMG, That is SOOO High School.


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