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Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazing Time in Rio de Janeiro...But Hey Brazilians, Lose the Prejudice!!


What an amazing trip I had to South America, culminating on Copanabana Beach on New Year's Eve.  Wearing all white (the local tradition), I partied with 2 1/4 million visitors to the area, danced to a live concert of Daniela Mercury (the Madonna of Brazil) and saw the most incredible fireworks show at the strike of 12 (which my cousin commented on after viewing the video I shot of it..."Disneyland's show looks like a fart compared to this").

Throughout the week, I ate incredible food, learned how to Samba, got great pictures of Christ the Redeemer, and met the most interesting people from all around the world.  It was the time of my life, and I would defintely recommend to anyone to experience just once in their life.  I can't wait to make my next trip there.

After all that buildup, you're probably asking yourself what in the world can I rant about.  Well, here's the high school drama that most sticks in my head from the trip.  With the huge social divide (rich vs. poor and white vs. black), not only do you hear about the differentiation from the locals there but unfortunately I was able to experience it first hand.  Not to bore you with particulars, but let's just say it happened to me and specifically my dark skinned Brazilian friends at the JW Marriott hotel.  And imagine, I was paying $1,000 PER NIGHT to stay at their friggin hotel!!

With the economy booming (due to the huge export business to China and the US), a new FEMALE president taking the oath of office on January 1st and people feeling so good about themselves, it's time to cut the racism and avoid being spotlighted on "that is so high school".

As they say in Brazil...Ciao!


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