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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bill Maher Makes Me Laugh - Especially when the High School Kid has to Punk Obama!!

I have to admit, that at times Bill Maher makes me laugh.  And sometimes like last night when talking about the Taco Bell meat scandal, belly busting laughter is a result.  "What is Taco spelled backwards...O CAT!"  It's a lot funnier when you see the bit on HBO :)  But overall, his views and mine about the world and the U.S. in particular are in stark contrast to one another.  I'm a centrist republican and he's a very leftist democrat (and a very passionate one at that) as is his studio audience.  Oh by the way, I was only watching his show last night since he had 2 republicans on his guest panel (and usually there is only 1). 

So what really makes me laugh is the fact that he has to Punk the president whenever he's caught sucking up to the republican right.  You can tell that it extremely bothers him when he has to do this and as a result he gets feverishly riled up (and even more than when he brings up Sarah Palin or other Tea partyers!).  He squirms in his chair and wants to jump out of his skin, because he was such a big Obama backer during the last elections...and also that he hated everything that former president Bush stood for!

Hopefully this continues 'cause I really love to see him so uncomfortable, and get a taste of his own darn medicine, you leftist agnostic free enterprise hater.  Oh SO High School of you Bill!!


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