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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey Hosni Mubarak You Aint No Ray Charles - So Why Can't You See You're High School Time is Up?!!

As the Kenny Rogers' song says "know when to hold em, and know when to fold em."  So Hosni, it's time to let your cards go, move out all of the barriers and get rid of your 30 years of autocratic Egyptian rule already.  The days of prosperity are over my friend.  Your country needs to transition to the new millenium with some good old fashioned free elections.

And what's with hitting that kill switch last night and cutting off the country's access to the internet and cell phone signals??  We all know Facebook has gotten way out of hand lately.  But Imagine if Obama tried anything like that here in the U.S.  He be crucified by the media, and wouldn't last another week.  Oppression of the middle class, corruption in the government, and fattening of your buddies wallets is not the way to build a lasting legacy for yourself or your family.

You were a great leader of people at one time, especially when you took over for the assassinated President Sadat in the 80's.  But now, you can really show incredible leadership by committing to the change your people are calling for, avoiding unnecessary bloodshed and loss of U.S. financial support (which we pledge $1.5 Billion every year to by the way), and creating a path to a higher level of success that would lead the way in your region of the world.

Cut the high school act and think about those who supported you for so many years!


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