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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Approach the Wrong Target Marget for Gay Marriage Support - Almost Comical High School Thinking I Guess?!!

Saw the strangest thing this weekend outside the local Pavilions in my parents neighborhood in Palos Verdes, CA.  There were two very effeminate young men dressed in pink shirts, trying to gather signatures for support of gay marriage in California.  Now this would not be an uncommon sighting in other more liberal communities.  And I would definitely support it, since I believe everyone has the right to be with whoever they wish to be with.

But PV??  This is one of the most affluent white conservative cities in the country, and a vast majority of the population being over 55.  You can imagine the stares I was seeing from a number of passersby, who couldn't believe their eyes.  It was almost comical to see the two of them trying to stop people who were coming and going from the grocery store.  One women almost fell over in disbelief when asked to sign their petition!  I felt like I was being filmed in the middle of a Punk'd episode (or Candid Camera for those that can remember).

Getting out there to support your cause is great, and I wish them all the success in pushing their agenda.  That's what this great country of ours is built upon...freedom of choice.  However, you gotta pick your spots high school friends, and be more selective in where you choose to fight your battles.  This was definitely not the place to do it.


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