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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Montana Fishburne: Laurence's Super High School Daugther!!

I know this is a bit old news, but was reminded today of how ashamed Laurence Fishburne is of his daughter's newfound career in porn.  Yes you read that right, PORN!!  And no, she's not just doing it to get attention or trying to build up her acting rep in Hollywood (think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian).  She's actually looking to make a longtime career out of being a porn star.

This from the daughter of an Oscar nominated actor who currently stars in CSI.  I'm not sure of the backstory or if she had an exteremely tough childhood, but come on isn't there any other respectable career choices she could have made rather than this??  She definitely belongs on my honorable mentions list for most high school behavior of 2010.        

Can you believe she even said "I hope daddy is proud of me some day"?  Here's to our future leaders of tomorrow!


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