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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lambda Phi Epsilon - College Fraternity or High School Drama Club?

By Guest Poster
My best friend in college was an active member of the alpha chapter (UCLA) of this national Asian fraternity back in the early 90's.  He was always partying and drinking and had to go through a "hell week" when he was a new pledge.  It was nothing too serious, just the Greek alphabet and a bunch of school songs to memorize, and some physical activity for a few hours the last day of that week.

Fast forward to the new millennium, and things have gotten incredibly out of control.  Kudos to the group for expanding their reach from 5 colleges to now close to 50.  But this new age Lambda frat has taken hazing to a whole new extremely dangerous level.  Both mental and physical abuse is now the norm, and has led to numerous fights, stabbings and deaths (including alcohol poisoning at the University of Texas).  With the latter leading to a settlement with the family of the deceased of over $4 Million.

This type of behavior is normally seen in junior high or high school and usually within lower income neighborhoods, not at some prestigious colleges.  Gotta wonder what type of self worth/respect these kids have and the motivations they have to act out with such rage.  Their founder Craig Ishigo had a vision 30 years ago to create leaders and a brotherhood (not a HOOD) among men.

Hope to god that the next Jared Loughner's aren't lurking in the frat houses of America.


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