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Friday, January 21, 2011

Louis Vuitton Handbags - STOP the High School Obsession Ladies!!


Heard the most insane story today from a good friend of mine.  A colleague of his who works as a Coordinator in their HR department (and only makes $40-50K a year), spent four thousand dollars on just ONE Louis Vuitton handbag last year...and she has a closet full of them.  Are you friggin kidding me??  And she's not alone, women around the country are doing the same a dag gom recession for that matter!!

And these same women complain about us men spending 100 bucks to go see a Lakers game with the guys.  Come on now, enough already.  Why people have to break the bank and put their families in the poor house just to protect their image is mind boggling to me.   

Cut down the high school one upmanship ladies and get a bit more cost conscious.  Remember, we got into this economic mess because we tried to buy homes out of our price range with phantom credit a few years back to keep up with the Jones' and look what happened.  Smarten up and go shop at Nordstrom Rack!!


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