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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Should Leave Dennis Crowley Alone, and Quit the High School Thievery Already!

Enough stealing already Zuckerberg.  Can't you or your company of 2,000 come up with your own darn bright ideas once and for all?!  It's one thing to be a penniless prankster undergrad and steal the idea for facebook from your employers at Harvard, but now you're worth a gazillion dollars and still can't help yourself from borrowing new ideas!

Dennis Crowley, who came up with Dodeball (which was sold to Google in 2005), and most recently started up Foursquare has one of the hottest companies on the web, with 20,000 new users logging on every day...and over 4 million total.  The company allows cellphone users to broadcast their locations to friends.  It has helped users and venues (local merchants and large retail chains) develop deeper relationships through leveraging technology.

In waltzes big bad facebook, and lo and behold they come out with their own version of a location service, they are calling Places.  Isn't the $84 Billion social networking behemoth supposed to be the leaders in creating NEW innovation and people connectivity?  Instead here they go again, "borrowing" an idea and trying to make it their own and conquering the competition.  At least Foursqaure was able to get into the market first, unlike what Harvard Connect was able to do back in 2004 (due to the deceitful actions of the wunderkind from the former thefacebook).

You're the youngest rich guy on the planet, so cut the High School behavior my friend and help others to success, instead of taking it way from them!


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