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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

McCourt vs. McCourt - Super High School Behavior That's Killing the LA Dodgers

Wow, do we really have to live through high school act between Frank and Jamie McCourt and suffer through another losing Dodgers season if this continues to drag on??  How can one couple destory an entire franchise?  This is getting ridiculous.  Last week, the MLB league office said that the commissioner may even have to step in and block any attempts for Frank to get league financing to pay off his legal bills!  His @#$%*# divorce legal bills!!

Doesn't he have to use that money to improve his team, and not to appease his future ex-wife??  After all the successful years that the Dodgers had with their former owners (the O'Malleys), they definitely deserve something better than this.  Maybe Jerry Buss could step up to the plate (sorry for the pun), and put in a bid for the team.  That way, he would really rule all of L.A.  Oh please Jerry please!!

Let's just hope new manager Don Mattingly can breathe new life into the team.  If not, we will all be singing "take me out to the high school" at the seventh innning stretch.


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