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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No More High School Comments Sports Writers...Blake Griffin's Got Serious Game!!

Hey all you sports writers who think Blake Griffin is just a one-dimensional dunk machine.  Stop all your high school bantering, and just accept what this kid brings to the NBA.  Yesterday, he just punked the Indiana Pacers to the tune of 47 points and 14 rebounds...with just ONE dunk all afternoon.  He was hitting shots from all over the court.

Can you believe he's got the whole town of L.A. buzzing more than what the 2-time defending Lakers have not been able to do all season??  Granted we in L.A. don't really buzz about basketball until the playoffs start in April/May, but this is pretty unbelievable.  If he keeps this up, he might be in consideration for that rarified double double...rookie of the year and league MVP.  It's only happened twice in NBA history.

Makes me think of Howard Stern in his bio pic Private Parts, which I just watched again over the weekend.  Why do you keep listening to this guy?  "Cause we just want to see what he does next!"


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