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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 High School Moments of 2010

These ten stories epitomize what "that is so high school" represents....silly behavior from otherwise sane people.  Can't we all just get along??  Feel free to include your own lists.  Here's to a memorable 2010!

10. Sarah Palin fueds with her grandbaby daddy Levi Johnston

9. Linsday Lohan vs. any judge

8. Bill O'Reilly motivates half of The View to walk offstage in the middle of the show

7. North Korea vs. South Korea with possible nuclear scare

6. Ground Zero mosque being built

5. The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi vs. Jake Pavelka

4. U.S. government vs. WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

3. Mark Zuckerberg vs. the Vinklevoss twins...who really had the idea for Facebook??  This could get ugly.

2. Brett Favre vs. Jenn Starger...did you really have to send that pic?

1. Renewed fued between Kanye West and George W. we have to go through this again?


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