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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vicente Fox - High School Prankster or Mexican Drug King Pin??

Has former Mexican President Vicente Fox gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs, or does he really believe that legalizing drugs in his country will solve the escalating war games between the drug cartels?  During his time in office from 2000-2006, he was a huge proponent against the cartels, built a majority of his political campaign on the premise of wiping these tyrants out, and focused enormous resources in battling them the whole time he sat in the big house. 

But now that he no longer has to appease the general population, last week he reversed his stance and is pushing to make all drugs (and not just marijuana) legal in Mexico.  This guy is either in cahoots with those he used to promise to eradicate or he's just plain nuts.  How in the heck will implementing an across the board legalization solve this issue, especially since the Billions in dollars of support they get from other countries (the U.S. specifically) will dwindle to nothing if this happens? 

This isn't just alcohol or cigarettes we're talking about mi amigo, but the stuff that will make you muy alto.  Hopefully, your crazy ideas don't come to fruition.  If they do, then as Arnold would say, "Hasta la vista, baby!!"


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