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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

25 Stupid Things We Did That Make Us Say “OMG That Was SOOO High School!

Found this funny list on yelp of things that made high school SOOOO High School!  Great to hear your comments or additions to the list.  Oh to be young and stupid again...enjoy :)

25. Eating toaster strudel

24. Going to the mall to act goofy with a large group of people

23. Drinking cough medicine (not for a cough)

22. Pointless drama

21. Pretending to have issues to miss class and go to the counselor's office

20. Hypercolor

19. Smoking cigarettes in the girl's bathroom

18. Splitting 40's and getting drunk

17. Dedicating love songs on the radio to my boyfriend/girlfriend

16. Knowing it all and having the whole thing figured out

15. Selling my mom's cigarettes

14. My friends looking through ashtrays trying to find cigarettes that weren't smoked all the way

13. Dating guys that were not in high school who would let me drive their cars

12. Pagers

11. Stealing my best friends mom's tequiza

10. Smoking myself stupid and claiming we had gone "fishing"

9. Pop rocks blowees...snap crackle pop

8. Morrissey/The Smiths

7. Socks coordinating with your outfit

6. Going to the drive in until you've seen all the movies at the drive in cause you go every week

5. Black velvet converse

4. A good acquaintance getting suspended because he brought asprin to school

3. Doing tons of extra credit multiplying and dividing fractions so that I could avoid taking geometry again in summer school...

2. Perpetual boners

1. Your mom...hubba hubba


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