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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Does Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Play Trombone in the High School Marching Band? Cause Boy, He Sure Knows How to Change His Tune Regarding Toyota!

Who's the Idiot now Mr. LaHood??  Mr. "I'd never drive a Toyota again" has to eat his F**king words after the final report came out today from Department of Transportation safety officers and NASA engineers (that's right a bunch of super intelligent PhD's from our space agency!!).  The results of their 10-month long study into the electronic system embedded into some of Toyota's best selling cars found no cause for unintended acceleration of its vehicles.

Imagine what this man's dim-witted words did a year ago, igniting a media storm against this proud Japanese company that we haven't seen in decades.  Not only have they had to recall over 12 million vehicles, but their President Jim Lentz had to take a serious beating on the Today Show and then in front of a very biased Congress (who at all costs were trying protect the interests of the Big 3 Detroit automakers).  The costs to the company are amounting to billions of dollars of lost revenue and a huge tarnish to the reputation of this still industry leading car company.

We should learn not to judge a book by its cover until all of the facts are presented and a full review has been made.  Aren't we all innocent until proven guilty, and not supposed to yell "fire" in a crowded theater??  I guess Ray LaHood doesn't think so...until today that is.  "Toyota vehicles are safe to drive" were his words this afternoon.  Those words probably tasted like vinegar coming out of his mouth.

The marching band geek has come full circle. 


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