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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Night and Good Luck Keith Olbermann - The High School Left Winger Finally Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine and Gets Punked!

So much for leftist trash talk on the cable airwaves.  The former local sportscaster in L.A. and infamous George W. Bush Basher finally got the much needed boot.  Kudos to him for getting the ratings to soar for the struggling MSNBC after 2003, through his Countdown with Keith Olbermann show.  But it is the way in which he succeeded, with 5 years of anti-Bush onslaughts, is why it gives me so much pleasure to be writing this piece.

It is so pathetic how Fox News and the newscasters on that show can be so vilified for being super right wing, and how the liberals accuse them of being on the wrong side of every issue, that makes Olbermann's firing that much more sweet.  He never the got criticism that the Fox guys/gals experience, and others like him won't as well.  It seems as though CNN and anything NBC says or does is untouchable in the eyes of the leftist propaganda machine.

Not only did he openly support democratic candidates in the 2008 elections, while supposedly being an unbiased front man of a major news organization, but he also actually made financial contributions to democrats in last year's republican massacre in November.  This was the last straw for the network, and plans were being laid right after those revelations to show him the door.

Hopefully we learn from this mess and put more objective talent in front of the camera.  We should let the people of this great nation decide for themselves what opinions they should have on important issues, not force one side or another down their throats.  Good luck to you Keith...It must hurt to get expelled from High School!


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