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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey Premier Silvio Berlusconi, Get Your Thumb Out of Your Azz and Stop Robbing The High School Cradle Already!

What the F**k is the head of Italy doing with his life, getting caught not only with a bevy of prostitutes but with underage ones to boot.  You aint that suave pretty boy 25-year old anymore buddy!!  You're about 50 years too late!  His grip on power is already fragile at best and now these allegations surface.  I guess boys will be boys, but come on now Mr. Prime Minister you can be a lot smarter about it.

Do those in power really have to get so Sexed up everytime they get bored with the woman that they're with and act like total morons to fulfill they're f**ked up desires?  From Brett "here's a picture of my penis" Favre to Congressman Chris "here I am with my shirt off" Lee, these idiots can't seem to control themselves from getting what they want, and to target younger (and sometimes much younger) women is just unfathomable.

At least Penis Brett and Craigslist Chris weren't focusing their telescope on a 17-year old prosti like Mr. Head of Italy did. And now there are supposed naked pictures of him floating around the internet from that same gathering, of what he calls "bunga bunga" parties.  It just keeps getting worse and worse for this 74-year old playboy.

You better ride off into the sunset my friend, because you know what happens when crime and corruption catch up to those in power.  Just ask Hosni in Cairo!  Your High School days are just about over...  


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