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Monday, February 28, 2011

High School Moment of 2011 - Teodorin Obiang Goes Beyond Idiocy and Pisses Off The Whole Nation of Equatorial Guinea with His Superyacht Order!

Lately, the face of corruption and abuse of power by dictators around the world seems to be never ending, and keeps its ugly head reared squarely in front of us.  Case in point, with the recent order of a luxury Superyacht and a staggering price tag of close to 400 Million US Dollars, Teodorin Obiang (the dictator's son in Equatorial Ginea) has redefined the term ostentatious.

Can you believe that as their people are grossly oppressed and suffering during a time of world recession and depression, that the leading family of this historically deprived economy can live so extravagantly and spend so lavishly in times of turmoil?  Taking selfishness to a new level is the norm I guess, but sooner or later (as seen as in the Arab world), this ruling family may be in for an enormous rude awakening and a crash down to earth unless they get their act together quickly.

The future in Equatorial Guinea (located on the Western part of the continent just south of Cameroon) is uncertain, as much of the infrastructure (especially on the mainland) needs attention, health care must improve, and like many African countries, its literacy level is extremely low.  Nonetheless, Obiang is supposedly worth more than $600 million, has a $33 million mansion in Malibu, CA, a 5,000 square foot home in Paris, a record label and fleet of luxury cars.

Is this guy F**king nuts!!  It's time to graduate from High School my African friend and let go of your idiotic hobby of collecting million dollar baseball cards.  Or else, you just might find yourself bunking with Ghadafi and Mubarak in a one bedroom sh*t hole in the very near future.


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