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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How An Idiot PoliceWoman in Tunisia Can Start a Revolution - Be a High School Bully and Help Martyr Mannoubia Bouazizi!

Wow, this should teach us all a BIG lesson in humility.  How can someone who is supposed to be protecting the public from idiots and lunatics behave in this way??  We are all taught as kids to look up to such people and admire their efforts on the front lines, especially since they set an example of what a supportive and local government with strong city services represents.  But with one giant slap and spit in the face along with an insult thrown at his dead father, this F**king Moron set off one of the largest firestorms seen in recent history throughout the Arab world.

Now all that Sidi Bouzid has of her 26-year old deceased son is the memory of him pushing his vegetables cart trying to make a decent day's wage ($7 per gosh sakes!!), and what resulted from that Slap heard throughout the Middle East and around the world.  Mannoubia not only was humiliated by this so called city professional, but was not given any sort of chance to plead his case to those in charge at the provincial headquarters.  With his spirit totally broken and nowhere else to turn to for hope, he did what any law abiding citizen with despair running throughout his veins would do...self martyr himself and shine a bright light on the plight of the masses.

That's right, this $7 per day cart pusher not only lit himself on fire right outside those headquarters that day, but he lit a match that turned into a wild fire that has set off massive surreal protests in multiple countries calling for an end of tyranny and oppression by dictatorial regimes. 

The Tunisian police force gets a big fat Grade F on this one, especially they're star High School pupil, who we can thank for a month's worth of death and destruction.  Nice going!


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