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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Smitten Over Anwar al-Awlaki - His High School Valedictorian!

WTF is up with this world when an English language Al Qaeda recruiting magazine called "Inspire" can help start an Open Jihad and wind up all over the internet?  And the magazine's founder is American-born for god's sake.  It's open season on the recruiting front with now even easier access to those fragile souls in both America and Europe, who may have been less inclined in the past to read and follow publications in Arabic or other non-English languages.

I know we have a first amendment right here in our great country and we don't have any type of censorship laws or an internet kill switch (like those in other less liberal countries), but come on already can we stop this friggin High School behavior and protect ourselves from these idiots!  And didn't we set up a Homeland Security office like 9 years ago?!!  In a previous edition of their magazine, they even had a whole step by step article on how to blow up a building.  And just this week, they put out warnings of major attacks on financial institutions, stock markets and money markets around the world and also threatened with the use of Anthrax.

I'd like to get Mr. al-Awlaki in a room by himself and open a can of Whoop Ass on him!!  Like Tyler Winklevoss said in the The Social Network..."I'm six five, weigh two-twenty and there's two of me, let's beat the crap out of this son of a bitch!"  (I'm also a twin by the way).

It's close to the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.  Let's honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice that day, and rid the planet of these Martha Fockers already!


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