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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Uphill High School Battle Rages On - Why Women Still Make Only 80 Cents to The Dollar vs. Men!

It's like carrying a two-ton truck on their shoulders with no end in sight.  Women in America work as hard or harder than men, but still can't get the much deserved rate of pay that men get across the board.  However, it seems as though the issue can be tracked to a lack of negotiation power at the beginnings of their careers rather than lack of effort on the job.  And as a result, the much better looking half of the population loses out on earnings potential that can amount to huge sums at the deposit line at the bank.

Over a lifetime of work, the estimates of wage losses can total up to 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS for every individual who misses out on years of increased overtime pay, as well as larger merit increases, annual bonuses, and stock options.  Just imagine what this type of income could do for families around the country, if the stigma of a strong women in the workplace were to lose its hard edge and men started scaling back their fear of job loss in the face of an ultra assertive female.

It's really a shame that women in general need to hide their confidence and strong will, and replace it with a softer more relationship endearing quality that shifts the focus of their work personality toward less threatening activities.  Women who take a position of strength, versus a more muted type of behavior that is usually the norm, could face resistance initially but as result of their shift in negotiation performance reap huge dividends in pay and equity.

America can be So High School when it comes to such issues, and I hope in the future we can learn to treat each other, man or woman, based on merit and not perception.


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