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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin Government Union Workers Need to Take One for the Team - Your High School Act is Getting Old, So Lift Up Your Skirt and Cut the Pension Already!

Okay, so all you pro-union supporters need to take a chill pill on this one.  What the F**k are you getting all crabby about any way?  These government workers get great benefits and a pension plan that most private company workers can only have wet dreams about, especially in this friggin recession that has wiped out millions of jobs around the country. 

We need to cut spending and taxes and start focusing in on private sector free enterprise, or this economic meltdown will last for years to come with no hope for an end in sight.  Public entities are sucking up a bunch of that honey pot, and like city governments here in Southern California (Bell and Montebello for example) are skimming off the top and and in some instances getting caught overpaying their employees 5-10 times what their worth.

If you want regulation out there, start regulating yourselves for Pete's sake and thinking about the 9-10% of your fellow Americans who are starving and living on food stamps.  The governor of Wisconsin is giving you a wake up you really want to be that selfish and force your state into bankruptcy?!!  His goal is not to break up the unions but to save your butts.  Don't miss this chance to do some good.

Your High School summer vacation is over!


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