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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2012 Is Coming Up, So Time to Get the High School Flip Flops Out Mr. Obama and Cruise Right Past Your Campaign Promises!

I know it always happens to those eager politicians, but he sounded so darn convincing just 3 years ago when he was on the campaign trail.  With all of his great rhetoric and incredible ability to give history making speeches, a feeling of hope and true change was certainly in the air.  This guy really sounded like a sure thing, especially after some missteps by the former administration.  Cutting the budget deficit, closing the Guantanamo Bay facilities, reducing government spending, creating new jobs, fixing the healthcare crisis, yada yada yada.  It looked like the making of the next great heroic President, in the mold of Ronald Reagan, who was just that type of leader only a couple of decades earlier.

So what the f**k does Mr. Barack the Vote have to show for all of those promises he made just a short time ago??  Not a whole hell of a lot, especially since we're coming up on an election year and he doesn't want to waste all of his political capital on fighting those losing battles.  Other than shaving off a few TENTHS from the unemployment numbers last week, he is cratering to the republican congressional majority like a meteor from Mars just landed on his forehead.  He might as well join the Tea Party Express and let them start running this country and maybe then someone can create some real reform.

With the healthcare bill still needing approval from the Supreme Court (and likely to face a huge battle among the federal judges supporting different sides of the aisle), the President's win column is looking more and more like a big goose egg.  Not to sound like a broken record, but it's time to pump up that Free Enterprise spirit again and focus on true job growth in the private sector, stop the government backed spending into pro-liberal causes (can you say NPR radio?) and put a freeze on your High School flip flopping on so many of the important issues.

At least George W. upheld his promise to stop the Clinton blowies in the white house!    


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