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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At Least Hitler The Madman Could Cast a Maniacal Spell over his People - Gadafhi on the Other Hand Is Just a High School Reject and Certifiable Nut Job!

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that supporters of Moammar Gadhafi were celebrating their recent wins against anti-government forces in the country. The most surprising part of the story was the term “Gadhafi supporters.”  Outside of Col. Gadhafi’s family, who are a documented collection of nut-jobs spawned by the nattily attired dictator, who exactly would follow the man?  Take away the crazy outfits, the suppression of his people and the various acts of crimes against human nature, why would you follow a dictator who only gives himself the title of colonel?
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If you’re going to throw your lot in with a dictator, then at least pick one with enough ambition to make himself a general.  Human history has shown that plenty of people will follow a madman (not the John Hamm-AMC type…the genocide inducing ones).  Hitler didn’t just accidentally come to power in post-World War I Germany …all his crazy talk apparently made sense to plenty of supporters in the Fatherland.  Pick a period in time, and there’s always some fanatical maniac casting a spell.  But Gadhafi?

Until recently, most Americans had assumed that he had died sometime in the 1990’s and thought he had been relegated to an answer for ‘80’s trivia.  Apparently being a not particularly ambitious dictator allows for a longer run of suppression.  The Gadhafi brood, which numbers eight children, has a long history of legal troubles throughout Europe, partying and abusing domestic help.  Were they from the U.S. they would currently have their own reality show on MTV and be doing photo shoots with the Hiltons and Kardashians.

While it might be hard to hope that the rebel forces (that are being supported by the French government) will manage to get the necessary instruction from their mentors to have a successful coup, we can all cross our collective fingers.  After all, isn’t it time that Libya got to attend their High School Graduation and move into the 21st Century already?  Hopefully it won't be too long before that happens.  I'll have your cap and gown ready for you my Libyan friends!


There was one Pinoy who came to America and looked at the classified ads for painting jobs. He came across the "Help Wanted" section that read - "Wanted: Painter of Porch", and thought that was perfect for his capabilities.

And so he went to the American who posted the ad.

American: I need my porch painted in a day. You need to scrape all the paint up to the bare surface, and apply a coat of primer then two final coats of orange paint. Can you do that?

Pinoy: Oh yes, sir.. yes, sir! I can remoob the paint then apply orange paint beri well!

American: Ok! You got the job. Just get everything you need from the trunk of the car.

After 3 hours...
Pinoy: Sir, work is pinis oreydi!

American: Wow! I'm amazed you did it in 3 hours. Did you scrape all the old paint to the bare surface?

Pinoy: Oh yes, sir! Yes, sir! I tanggalated all the old paint!

American: Well then, here's your $20 bonus!

Pinoy: Golly, sir! Tenk yu beri much. But sir, you don't heb a porch.. your car is a BMW...!

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