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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogging Your Way To Fame And Riches - Even a 5th Grader Can Do It!

The invention of the internet has done many things for the common person. First, it has put them in touch with an endless stream of viral videos that chronicle people embarrassing themselves, usually resulting in an injury of some kind. It has also allowed mail to be sent really fast through some dumb network of underground tubing. But most importantly, the internet has allowed the average person to become a famous and successful blogger who is wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

By deciding to become a professional blogger, a person can write a handful of short commentaries on a handful of idiotic subjects throughout the course of a day, and live a very lavish lifestyle. Unlike most professions, it is simply a decision, and not a combination of moronic training and dumb experience that gets a person the job. This is ideal for a young writer who may not be able to spell, adhere to grammar rules, or write generally interesting prose, as the blogging hemisphere is almost entirely devoid of editors, proofreaders, or any system of quality control. Besides, knowing how to write well is so high school, where idiotic teachers would try to teach the students stupid things like metaphors and similes.

Setting up your own personal blog is easy. Currently, the most popular type of blog is one that follows and documents the daily activities of a select group of about 20 young American celebrities. Millions of people's days revolve around what Justin Beiber had for lunch, or how long Angelina Jolie worked out at the gym. The general public hungrily eats up any tidbits of celebrity info like a shark eats a baby seal- with a slight sense of guilt, but a satisfied set of taste buds.

John Chow
Making large piles of money while blogging is easy, as advertisements for skin creams and shortcuts to getting well-defined abdominals will garner the clicks and commission-based revenue that allows so many bloggers to live lives of lavish luxury. In these trying times of economic uncertainty, blogging is an easy method to attain everything you could possibly want in life.
Heather Armstrong

Blogging your way to fortunes really isn't that easy, but for a select few experts in the blogosphere sky's the limit in terms of earning potential.  Take John Chow of for example, who makes $500,000 PER YEAR with his blog.  And imagine, all he does is teach other people like you and me how to make money through guess what??  Blogging...what a concept! 

And what about Heather Armstrong, founder of, who is the biggest Mommy Blogger on the planet.  Not only does she get 100,000 visitors per day to her site and has 1.5 million twitter followers, but she earns $1 MILLION PER YEAR from her blog efforts.  You better hold off on that new Bentley for now Mr. Average Joe Blogger, but three cheers for the blogging superstars!


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