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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enough is Enough Already - The Hollywood Studios Need to Stop Their High School Attitude and Start Drug Testing for Gosh Sakes!

Holly-Weird's High School behavior finally needs to put the brakes on.  From Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan to now the super freaky Charlie Sheen, it's totally gotten out of hand.  For years, the studios have turned a blind eye to the sometimes extremely bizarre actions of their superstar cash machines and let things go in their corporate culture that no other industry would come close to tolerating.  But now, in the case of Two and a Half Men, it's starting to affect the livelihood of whole production crews who need to put food on the table of their families.

I get it, the the rampant drug culture within the studios has long been a staple of their daily environment.  Really, how creative can you really be if you're not high on mary jane or try to work 16-18 hour days on set if your system isn't flooded with speed.  I have many friends in the business who swear by these stimulants and can't even imagine their lives without them, especially in this cut throat arena where you are continually asked "what have you done for me lately?"

But with real jobs on the line for those that are living pay to pay check, unlike some celebrities who earn millions of dollars per episode, the advent of drug testing in the industry has finally found its calling.  It's time for the all mighty studios to set up to the plate, push back against the status quo, and stop being So High School!  Get that pee cup out already and go back to work!! 


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