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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too Bad Tijuana Drug Cartels Make the City Off Limits to Americans - People Are Even Lining Up to Watch Their High School Drug War Glorified on the Big Screen!

Okay yes, I have to admit that I was one of those 18-year old boys from California who had to go through the rite of passage and experience a night across the border from San Diego with loud music, loose women, and tequila poppers (with a guy blowing a whistle and shaking my head while I tried not to spit it all out!).  It was glorified in the movies, and all us teenagers needed to have that same type of night in Tijuana experience.

Fast forward to the new millenium, and WOW have things really turned for the worse.  What the f**k do these guys have against each other anyway...Can't they share in all of the drug wealth??  These cartels are not only shooting each other up like it's the Wild Wild West on a daily basis, but they've practically killed off any semblance of tourism to the city.  All this is being done while the police and the military sit on the sidelines watching like it's the Superbowl or NBA Finals!

In come the moviemakers to start making a buck or two.  They're capitalizing on all of this violence and putting it up on the silver screen, glorifying it for all to see both in Mexico and throughout the border towns on the U.S. side.  They're even leveraging the drug mansions for location shoots, as well as using actual members of the drug cartels themselves as extras.  Doesn't anyone see how wrong this is and put a stop to it already??

So sad that the male youth no longer have that Magical place across the border for a night of harmless debauchery anymore.  Hopefully someone can rid the planet of the High School antics of these Mexican idiots and have our place of boyhood worship again.  One can only dream...



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