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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Top 5 Dumbest Celebrity Feuds of 2011 - The First Quarter of the Year is Turning Out to Be Oh SO High School!

Each year more than a few in the public eye choose to square off in a moronic fashion that is extremely high school. Here is our list of the top 5 so far this year in order of stupidity:

5. Beyonce vs Lady Ga GaRumor has it that the telephone line has been snipped between Beyonce and her now arch enemy Lady Ga Ga in an idiotic row over future projects.  One can only hope that the divas can sort out the string between their two cups.

4. Mike Huckabee vs Natalie Portman:  Looks like Mike Huckabee is trying to talk himself out of electability as early as possible.  The prudish presidential hopeful slammed Natalie Portman for being, of all things, pregnant.

3. Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell:  The word stupid is weak sauce when used to describe the long standing battle between the Donald and the woman he calls a fat slob and degenerate.  While Rosie may not be a prize, no amount of money can make up for all the years we have had to look at that hideous haircut sported by Trump.

2. Angelina vs Snookie:  Acting dumb and publicly feuding is the only way these reality stars can keep themselves in the public eye as it is the only form of acting they can pull off.  The gross displays of pursuit of fame for the sake of fame from the public wrestling to foulmouthed interviews proves only that these ladies lack any class in their race to the bottom.  Two points for Snookie for having the guts to appear publicly in a Phrobi, though.

And the drum roll please...

1. Charlie Sheen vs The Trolls:  The star who did enough crank to kill 2 and Half Men has taken to the airwaves in rants that rival Charlie Manson on prison grade thorazine.  Time will tell if this new approach to life is a truly Winning formula for SeƱor Esteves but the entertainment value of these sermons far surpasses any of his earlier work and his upcoming tour of concert halls is reportedly selling well.


Doctors vs Nurses: Who really does all the work with the patients? Delegating is so high school isnt it?

Lakers vs Celtics: Cmon! Who has won the last 2 championships? Thank you!

Facebook Friends vs Real Friends: Do you add friends for political reasons? or "ill add this friend because he graduated from an Ivy League school. Makes my profile look better!"

Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods vs Sexual Addiction Therapy: Really!? Do women really believe there is such a thing? Sexual addiction is a man thing. There is no therapy for that!

Baseball vs Steroids: 100 Home Runs a year by players sure does sell more tickets since it's more entertaining. No discussion here. Steroids wins!

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