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Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Did Rolling Stone Jump the Shark and Become SO High School?! I Guess You Can Ask Snooki, The Magazine's New Cover Girl of the Month!

Rolling Stone Magazine has been a staple of American culture for almost half a century now, and it has helped shape the rock 'n roll music scene and launched the careers of so many promising young artists that have dominated the radio waves and MTV broadcasts for so many years.  We've grown up watching these mega stars blossom or sometimes even resurrect their careers right from the newsstands around the country.

So what the f**k has happened to this once prestigious music bible and transformed it into the next People/US/Star celebrity gossip magazine?!!  Did I miss their oh so famous Jump the Shark Happy Days issue and now have to be witness to just another hack job at the local Vons supermarket tabloid check out section?  Now I'm not here to start dumping on Jersey Shore, since I am one who can appreciate a really popular reality series just like the next guy.  But come on now.

Remember, this is the same magazine that had friggin music royalty (the late John Lennon) on its very first cover, so don't get your panties into a tizzy all you Snooki and The Situation fans out there!  From the Beatles and Rolling Stones, U2 and the Boss, to Eminem and Clay Aiken (okay that's a stretch, but at least he has some musical talent for gosh sakes!). 

Stop your High School newspaper editions already, and get back to some real music journalism again.  Your fans deserve a heck of a lot better


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