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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buy a How to Guide on Coupon Savings Discounts for 90% Off Your Grocery Bill - Soooo High School, but WTF I Need to Start Doing This Too!

Instead of relying on in-store discounts like above and you’re curious as to how an average mom can save 99% off her grocery bill using coupons (both store and manufacturer versions), then you may want to tune into this week’s episode of the new Extreme Couponing show on the Learning Channel (TLC).  I was blown away by the discounts people were receiving by utilizing a coupon strategy that borders on pure genius.  Observing these people walk into their local Kroger’s, Pavillion’s or Safeway and seeing them march out of there with multiple shopping carts full of groceries after paying just pennies (or maybe a few quarters) was mind boggling to me.  And to think, with millions of people still out of work, inflation continuing to rise, and an upcoming new budget from congress that may be seriously raising our taxes (or at the very least reforming the tax code that could cut tax breaks that we’ve always counted on…mortgage, children, businesses, etc.), this strategy could be a godsend to those who are willing to put in the time and effort to implement one.

Now, I don’t suggest this strategy for just about anyone, as it takes a special person to research the multitude of coupons in the newspaper, online and from snail mail. There is also the fact that you have to sift through both store and manufacturer’s coupons to get the biggest discounts by combining the two together (and keeping in mind when these discounts expire).  The expert couponer’s are also masters at keeping all of these data points in one central repository with Microsoft Excel being their best friend for organizing and keeping tabs on which ones can be utilized for what stores and in what date ranges.  And patience is also a key, as many of these coupon combinations need to be wrung up at the cash registers in specific amounts, so one may find herself taking a half hour or more just trying to pay for her overabundance of food, drinks and cat food!

But it looks like all the time and effort pays off at the end.  Case in point, the show I was watching last week, had a family in the mid west walk away with $680 worth of meals and drinks for a whopping 6 DOLLARS and 45 CENTS!!!  Guess it’s time to get out those reading glasses and start scanning for those discount cut outs.  Or do what one woman does and set up multiple computers in her home so that her IP address isn’t tracked and she can print out multiple sets of (one person only) coupons that she can use.  Just pretend you’re broke and in high school again, and do whatever it takes to pay for that case of beer for Friday night with friends after the football game!


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