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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hey Michelle Obama, This is the WORST Strategy to Cut Child Obesity Rates in America!

A school in Chicago recently announced that it is no longer allowing its students to bring lunches from home.  Some other schools have taken chocolate milk off of their menus.  Obstinately, this is the school’s answer to childhood obesity…which, as we’ve been told repeatedly by the media is an “epidemic” in the United States (Only in America would the media have the balls to call overeating an epidemic…most of the rest of the world probably now wants give-backs on all the fundraisers that they had for us during the anorexia epidemic back in the 1980’s).

In reality, this is another example of people not knowing when to stop…and taking their cue from a government that stopped knowing when to stop years ago.  While I’m sure that the principal of the school had every reason to believe that their students’ parents are too stupid to know how to raise their kids (I’m actually not being sarcastic with that one…the odds are 50-50 they legitimately are too stupid), infringing on personal liberties is never the correct course of action.

I understand all of the studies that show that one-third of the kids in this country are overweight.  I’m actually fine if you want to take vending machines with chips and soft drinks out of schools.  That works on two levels – the kids don’t eat and drink junk and they don’t pester their parents for their hard earned money to buy the crap.  But, does telling kids not to bring PB&J’s from home really the way that we need to attack the problem?

These are the same schools that don’t have enough money to fund programs that would encourage children to be active and are increasingly asking for parents to subside sports programs.  But, thanks to the Obama administration, the schools do have money to spend on nutrition programs.  This affords them the opportunity to not just upgrade the menus at their schools, but to just go ahead and tell the parents what they have to feed their children.  It would actually be more palpable if they were just going ahead and forcing everyone to spend 20 minutes a day on a treadmill.  In fact, I’m sure that we’re not far off from the government doing exactly that.

Trying to force parents to deal with the obesity of their children is not the same as, say, a smoking ban.  The fat parents and their fat kids are not a health risk to waitresses and bartenders.  Even the argument that the increase in medical costs associated with the wave of diabetes and heart issues related to the extra weight poses a strain on the local taxpayers doesn’t hold water.  We’ve already conditioned the country’s lower class to go rushing to the emergency room for the sniffles and the Obama socialist agenda will, of course, soon have all of us up to our eyeballs in excellent medical coverage.

I might have fond memories of my brown bag lunches, with my ham sandwiches, bananas and Ho-Ho’s, but I apparently don’t realize just how horrible my childhood really was.  Luckily, today’s children have a bunch of know-it-all quasi-Thought Police to look out for them.

I’m sure the pounds will be melting off the little porkers in no time.


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