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Monday, April 4, 2011

How You Can Make $75 per Hour Part-Time Without a College Degree ...Tax Free! An Idiot's Guide to Focus Groups, That Grandma Would Approve Of!

In my last post, I really knocked the idea of making gazillions of dollars blogging in your pajamas from home.  Really now, how many of us knows someone who is making that type of money writing blog posts like this one.  There are really only 15-20 of them out there in the world, and you probably know some of their names.  The most famous one recently is Arianna Huffington, who tried an unsuccessful bid to unseat Gray Davis as Governor of California a few years back...Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger won by a landslide by the way.  She also started her own personal blog 6 years ago, and it took off mainly due to the fact that she had free reign blasting president Bush during his last 3 years in office.  Just a few weeks ago she sold her blog to AOL for a whopping 315 MILLION DOLLARS!!  Yes, that's right she got totally rich from a simple little old blog.

However, by the time she sold it the blog had really turned into a fully functioning professional news magazine on par with or  It employed professional writers and editors, who had strict deadlines and focused writing assignments.  Others who are having almost similar success are Pete Cashmore from Mashable (who started his blog at age 19!) and Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (who sold his blog last year to AOL as well for $40 million).  But again, both of these blogs morphed into more professional functioning businesses with multiple A+ quality writers and editors who are experts in their specific niches.  These are very well funded operations, and are not the type of personal blogs that are constantly pitched to the average Joe out there who thinks he/she can be the next big thing online.

So where does that leave the rest of us out there who are looking to make an extra buck??  Well, you can try your hand at MLM (multi-level marketing or networking marketing) and end up with a garage full of very expensive bottles of fruit juice because you're part of their monthly auto ship program; open up an eTrade account, join your grandmother's weekly stock trading strategy group, start buying stock options on margin and risk losing your house; or try what the most famous of all infomercials tell you to do and buy multiple real estate properties with no money down of course, flip them and take home endless amounts of cash.  We've probably all either tried one of these money making methods before or knows someone that has.  Again, we are a get rich quick society who is eager to take a short cut to riches at any chance we can get. 

Now, are there really any legitimate ways of making that extra car payment that we haven't been bombarded with online or late night on TV??  In two words yes...FOCUS GROUPS!!  And no, I don't mean the ones where you only earn $1-10 per survey online.  I'm talking about the ones where you get chosen to sit in a room with others in your same demographic, take a look at many different variations of ad copy on a particular product or service, and then talk about how those ads make you feel as a consumer.  It's not rocket science but it helps companies make informed decisions on how to spend their ad dollars.  And the best get paid, anywhere from 75-350 DOLLARS for two hours of work, TAX FREE!!  [Well only if you make less than $1,000 for the year as a participant.  If you make more than this amount, you have to then report it to Uncle Sam.]

Heck in these rough economic times, this can be a godsend, since many bankruptcies can be avoided with an extra $100-200 per month.  Time to stop listening to all of those morons on TV and scanning the idiotic online ads promising endless riches, and try your hand at focus groups my High School friends.  Your wallet will thank you for it.  And maybe grandma will drop her weekly stock picking sessions and join you as well!

For those in L.A. and Chicago, check out Adler Weiner Research Company by going to  And for the rest, just do a quick google search on focus group companies and you'll find a bevy of researchers willing to give you hundreds of dollars for a couple of hours of your time. 


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