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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latest News on Manny Pacquiao (the King of Sock...You in the Face!) - Why Does the Idiot Public Need to Watch Him Destroy an Over the Hill Shane Mosley?!

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is probably my all-time favorite prize fighter.  I gotta put Sugar Ray Leonard up there on my mantle as well since he fought some serious competition back in the 80's.  Just like Leonard, the little Filipino tsunami brings it every round for all of his fights and hasn't backed down to any challenger, no matter how big in size (or mouth).  What's most impressive is that he started off his career in the flyweight division (or was it junior flyweight??) at somewhere in the 100-110 pound range.  Fast forward a few years later, and now most recently he's been beating up guys that are as heavy as 165 pounds during fight time (e.g., Antonio Margarito last November '10).  And by the way, he beat up Margarito so badly that the Mexican tornado from Tijuana ended up in a local Dallas hospital with a fractured orbital bone in his face after getting beaten down by this Asian assassin for 12 punishing rounds!  And he not only outweighed Manny by 18 pounds but also had 5 inches in height on him as well as a big advantage in arm reach.

Forget about all those steroid rumors out there, Mr. Pacquiao has got some serious skills and at 32 years old he still has got another 3-4 good years to go before he hangs up those oh so famous boxing gloves of his.  He is truly a rags to riches story of determination and hard work, and is a model of hope and encouragement to millions of Filipinos and others around the world who dream of a better life for themselves.  After sleeping in boxes on the streets of General Santos City in the Philippines, he now commands one night fight purses of 20 MILLION DOLLARS or more as well as gets a small percentage of the pay per view revenue which kicks up his post fight take to $25-30 million.  This Filipino congressman (yes he was also elected to the country's congress last year!) is rumored to be worth $200-250 Million, which is equivalent to a net worth of $3-5 BILLION (yes I said billion) here in the United States.  Talk about being a rock star in his home country, and being treated like royalty.  This guy deserves every accolade that comes his way, earning every dollar that he's made with some serious sweat equity and an amazing work ethic.  He loves to box, which you can witness every time he comes out of his dressing room before each fight as he makes his short jog to the ring with "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor blasting on the loud speakers and THE biggest smile beaming from his face.       

Now here comes my rant.  Unless Shane Mosley comes in with his tired 39-year old body and somehow some way upsets the Filipino juggernaut with a lucky right cross next month on May 7th, then why the F**k do we have to pay $49.99 to watch a massacre in the making??  Didn't Mr. Scaredy Pants Floyd "Money" Gayweather take off his dress for a short time and put some serious hurt on the one time champion already last summer?  Do we really have to sit through another one of those lopsided victories, feel sympathy towards the old man, keep wishing for a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather blockbuster, and then curse ourselves for spitting out half a benjamin for a hyped up waste of an evening?  It's about time we had something that resembles one of the super competitive MMA showdowns for gosh sakes, and once and for all we can truly crown Manny the King of Sock!  So it's time to man up and stop being a major High School pussy Floyd, and get in the ring already.  Yes, you'll lose you idiot, but at least you'll break the bank in the process.  Manny for President in 2012!


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