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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Notre Dame Tradition is Becoming Dangerously Out of Control!

The University of Notre Dame recently released the report of their allegedly independent investigation into the death of student Declan Sullivan. Sullivan was the student volunteer for the school's vaunted football program who was killed when the scissor- lift that he was in to film the team's practice fell over on October 27, 2010. On the day that he was killed there was a regional wind advisory, with winds gusting above 40 miles per hour. The University's report found that no one was to blame...or more accurately that there was no one specifically to blame, so Notre Dame is taking the tact that the responsibility for the student's death amounts to a collective "our bad."
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If no one is to blame, then you don't have to fire anyone, like say, Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick who was at the team's practice field shortly before the accident took place and saw no issues with anything that was happening. Head football coach Brian Kelley also did not see anything unusual when he made the decision to have the team practice outside that day. The report pins most of the blame on an unusually strong 53 mph wind gust that no one would've been able to predict. No one that is, except for the National Weather Service and every weatherman in the area..or, for that matter, anyone with a weather radio. I've talked to friends that I have in the South Bend area, and was told that the high wind warnings were not only broadcast all over the place, but that the wind itself was pretty hard to miss. This wasn't just some occasional wind gusts...trees were bent over and doors were being blown out of people's hands as they were opening them.

The university's report says that the football coaches in charge of the practice were unaware of the wind advisory. Swarbrick, for his part, called the weather conditions on the day "unremarkable." Apparently, no one in Notre Dame's athletic department had access to things like television, radio, smart phones, the Internet, social media, etc., etc. The nice part is that the person who did know that the situation was dangerous was Declan Sullivan. He Tweeted repeatedly about the conditions and at one point describing being up on the lift as "terrifying." He was also aware of the wind advisory, referencing it in his messages. The non-biased report determined that Sullivan had been joking when he wrote, "Guess I've lived long enough."

Apparently, an institution of higher learning has never heard of the term "nervous laughter." The school has repeatedly seemed to imply that the 20-year-old Sullivan has some culpability in the outcome, because he didn't refuse to go up on the lift. They have made it seem as though that would be the easiest thing in the world...telling the coaches in charge of the practice "no" at a university that worships football more than the Catholic faith. Oddly, the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration did find Notre Dame guilty of not following the manufacturer's specifications for use of the scissor-lift in windy conditions. But, being a state organization, in an area where Notre Dame brings in millions of dollars in tourists money, they didn't want to go too hard on them. The university did admit that some of its policies and procedures might be out of date. Starting next season, the school will start using unmanned cameras to film practices from up above. That, of course, does nothing to bring back Sullivan.

Notre Dame will get off without any real consequences (except for the OSHA fine that the school has already contested), because they are who they are. They have rabid supporters, both from a football standpoint and from those that seem to have some belief that a Catholic university would not knowingly do something wrong. They have plenty of money and loads of friends in high places that will make sure that they will be protected. There could have been 10 students killed by the kind of gross negligence that doomed Sullivan and the result would've been the same. Notre Dame is on quite a run. A female student at its sister school St. Mary's committed suicide over the winter, which effectively ended a delayed investigation into her claim of sexual assault against a Fightin' Irish football player. According to reports, the university's security office took its time looking into the charges and didn't bother informing local police of the claim until well after the fact.

This off-season, one of the football team's star players, wide receiver Michael Floyd, was arrested for a DUI. There was about a five minute conversation about whether he would continue to suit up on Saturday's. There were some who thought that perhaps the school would take a page from Brigham Young University's playbook - where a basketball player was suspended for violating the school's honor code on the eve of the NCAA tournament - but those people have never had dealings with the people from the Teflon Dome. Notre Dame believes that it can do no wrong, so there's never any reason to admit actual fault or to, God forbid, accept responsibility. All the stories will be written condemning the way that Notre Dame conducted the investigation and there will be a momentary blip of unhappiness in the world of Fightin' Irish football. But, come September, the football stadium will be filled once again with fans cheering on the football progeny of Rockne.

Just as surely, though, is the fact that Declan Sullivan will still be dead. The football team's motto at Notre Dame is "Play Like a Champion Today." While it's probably wishful thinking, maybe some day the school's administration will decide to act like champions even once.


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