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Friday, April 8, 2011

Top 5 Ways to Avoid P90X Home Workout Muscle and Soreness Problems - Too Bad I'm Not in High School Anymore!

I'm sure you've seen those catchy infomercials at least once for the home workout sensation that has caught the world by storm the past 3-4 years.  At one time (if not still), the P90X 30-minute advertisement was the most watched cable promotion show on television.  The 12 DVD set has turned either skinny/wimpy people (like me) into the next Mr. Universe, or helped trim those overweight folks into lean mean workout machines.  It seems too easy when you watch the ads on TV, but it's a whole different story when you start the program.  Below are 5 easy ways to avoid muscle and soreness problems that you should implement before and after you start the program.  It can do you a world of good so that you can stay on track and hit all of your workout goals.

5) No room big enough to do the exercises and I'll wake up the baby any way with all of the jumping around I'll be doing.  This one is easy to fix.  If you have a garage in the house, move yourself out there and set up the Sony HD TV and blue ray DVD player in the right place.  Otherwise, clear out the living room and move some of your stuff into the bedroom for the time being.  I know this takes some work and sacrifice, but hey no pain no gain right?  Also, exercise when the baby is already awake and maybe by watching you will inspire the little one to stop crying!  Make sure you have enough room to avoid injury.

4) I don't want to spend $300 on weights and a pull up bar so I'll just use things around the house (like bricks from the backyard).  No worries, if you'll follow my lead and be prepared to go ghetto for 30 minutes, you can save yourself a pretty penny on equipment.  Get in your car and head down to your local Wal-Mart and turn yourself into Mr. thrifty.  I bought 2 push up bars, an iron gym (for pull ups) and 2 dumb bells all for a wopping 60 BUCKS!  With the proper equipment your chances of injury are a lot less.

3) I've watched the DVD's a few times, but I remember everything so I'll just do it on my own now.  Wrong!  The creators of this series (including Tony Horton) have carefully timed out not only each individual DVD but also the whole 90-day series.  They've taken the guess work out of it, so that if you just press play and follow along with Tony as your personal coach, then you will be on your way to great shape in 3 months.

2) I don't want to workout with my spouse (or girlfriend or boyfriend), because it's embarrasing.  Hey it's always better in two's right?!  This workout system is hard, and I mean really hard for most people in the first 3-4 weeks (especially in the first 10 days).  It's so bad, that the majority of people don't even make it past that first week.  You start working muscles you've probably never worked before, or haven't in many many years.  So any encouragement or assistance with certain exercises with a partner is extremely recommended.  And don't worry, if you can get past that first month, then the next 8 weeks are a piece of cake (and least for me it was).  Well not a piece of cake, but a lot more manageable than the first few days...I looked like a walking pulled muscle! 

1) I think I can just shorten this thing to 30 minutes and streamline the whole process.  Okay, this is definitely my number one by far, since I experienced the pain and frustration personally.  Like a F**king moron, I tried doing a shortened version of the program (a second go around) just last month.  Without properly doing the aerobic warm up at the beginning of the chest and back DVD (like I was supposed to), I went right into single arm/shoulder back strokes.  And guess what happens...BAM, I majorly tweaked my shoulder (on the first back stroke), and I've been in bad pain constantly for the past 4 weeks.  I had to stop what I was doing, and haven't worked out since.  Looks like I'll be visiting Mr. Orthopedic Surgeon soon!  So FOLLOW THE FRIGGIN PROGRAM and you'll get the right results!!

I hope these P90X tips help you get and stay on track, and achieve that High School body again.


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