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Monday, April 11, 2011

U.S. Federal Government Spending Has Turned Washington Into an Insurance Company with an Army - With our Out of Control Debt, How Idiotic is That?!

The United States has basically become an insurance company with an army.  This is because the three major components of the country’s budget include funding for Medicare, funding for Social Security, and defense spending.  GOP members have proposed one idea to deal with the nation's massive budget deficit.  They want to change Medicare by privatizing it.  This would involve senior citizens getting vouchers and using them to get health care services.  It is not sitting too well with Medicare patients though because they really like the system that they have in place now.

Medicare has been fraught with fraud for years that totals in the billions.  Most if not all Medicare claims are just paid out so con artists have set up fake medical supply companies in order to bilk Medicare out of billions of dollars by stealing social security numbers from Medicare patients.  Reducing the funding for Medicare would help to cut health care costs for these people and create a better system that would cost tax payers much less money each year.

The United States has also spent billions of dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now even more with our involvement in Libya.  It has been almost ten years since the event of September 11th happened and the objective of the war- which was to find Osama Bin Laden has yet to be accomplished (update as of May 1, 2011...we got the bastard!).  Many have said that it is idiotic to spend so much money on defense. The country’s economy is suffering badly and those billions of dollars could be used to help people domestically.  However, protecting the homeland is worth the massive investment of government funds. 3,000 people lost their lives on 9/11 and you cannot put a price tag on protecting lives.  As a result, we still have over 110,000 soldiers fighting a war in Afghanistan, even though the average American is unclear on how it really protects our national interest.

The United States needs to act fiscally responsible and do the right thing in order to reduce the federal deficit. By reducing defense spending and making cuts to Medicare and Social Security, the deficit could greatly be reduced.  Politics has become pretty moronic; no one ever wants to make the hard decisions because they want to appease their voter bases.  Republicans like Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and John Boehner have been adamant about cutting excess spending in order to save money. Their ideas may be unpopular but reducing the deficit takes new ideas and sacrifices from everyone. The United States government is being so high school regarding this matter.  They want to worry about the deficit later when they are older and have other people be responsible for it.  The future is now and the U.S. cannot just be an insurance company with an army any longer.


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