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Friday, June 3, 2011

Why are Developers in the Mobile Application World Making Millions?

According to the media hype, the new phone app market is like a modern gold rush days.

Titles such as 'Blade Infinity makes $1.6 million in five days', 'Make $100,000 a year selling Android applications' and 'Angry Birds makes $2 million per month' are enough to make a lot of hobbyist programmers sit and listen.

The developers of all walks of life are rushing into uncharted territory and staking their claim in the hope of finding their fortune in them there hills.  So we should all be involved?  Who is really making money here? App markets are really a level playing field?

Make no mistake, the mobile applications are a big business.  The potential profits are now big enough for people to dedicate themselves to building-app as a career choice.

Apple App Store has only had 10 million applications downloaded since its creation.  Add to that the millions more from Google, Android Market, Nokia Store, App World Research in Motion, Microsoft and Samsung Marketplace Apps, and you can see why this growing market is encouraging a hive of activity in the creation app.

The creation of the app phone is a revolution - is a whole new way to sell the software to advertise, to provide possible solutions to social networks and to inspire brand loyalty.  Best of all, the app users to bring their phones with them 24 hours a day.  No wonder so many brands now have their applications, and more professional clothes that are in competition with developers for an amateur site on mobile customers.

At present, however, is still a wide open market where anyone can become rich.  All you need is a laptop and the desire to have a go at some programming.  And people.  Individuals, groups of small and large companies are all united in the rush to exploit this rapidly growing market, and has led to some unexpected and impressive success stories.

As Donald Mustard, the man behind the game app Infinity Blade, told us: "It 's really like the Wild West."

Bubbles vs. Birds

One of the most famous examples of the unpredictable nature of success in the app is the battle between the birds and Angry Bubble Ball in the standings to download the game.  Angry Bird is the world's most popular game app: it has been downloaded more than 50 million times since its debut in 2009, it took eight months to make and cost a reported $100,000.

In December 2010 it was thrown from his first place in the App Store by Bubble Ball - a game of simple physics with very simple graphics, invented by a 14-year-old Robert Nay America with the help of his mother and some books from the library.

With four million downloads in a month, Robert is the latest success story App Store.  Do not be fooled, though, there's a big difference here - paid-up capital for the birds are doing Angry Rovio million per month, the company that created it, free download Bubble Ball made his creative nothing.  Well, nothing except a reputation around the world and the probability of its choice of programming jobs, she leaves the school, of course.

Competitive market:  Cut the rope was very successful, but was overshadowed by Infinity Blade

And here's the crucial point - half of the applications that make the news to reach one million downloads in a few days are free.  Yes, these people are 'millionaires app', but you will not see a penny from the sales.

Free ads

This is not a problem with vision.  Rovio released a free version of angry birds for the market of Android, with a bar of advertising on it, and ads are now making the company more per month compared to paid version - millions of dollars.
This is not an option for every application, though.  The revenue system is based on the amount of time people spend playing Angry Birds - and play a lot.

How Rovio spokesman Ville Heijari told us: "What was most impressive to us is about 200 million minutes in which our members spend on average each day with the game."  And the equivalent of the viewing figures for a small TV channel.

This has not happened by chance - a great deal of research has gone to create Angry Bird.  How Heijari said, "Rovio mobile games had produced 52 first bird Angry since 2003, so that the core team [already] had pretty solid experience in developing games."

Rovio specifically focused on conservation of users - people do not want to create an application is downloaded once and then forget.  To contribute to this, every month, the Rovio team releases an update for the application (and 80 percent of people with the game to accept the fact that the update).

Strangely, this free update also lead to an increase in new downloads of the app, probably because, as updates to encourage people to play again so new people (friends of the people, for example) are exposed to it.

With all this experience and the development cycle of eight months, made the Rovio to expect success?  "When we released the game," said Heijari, "we had a strong gut feeling that we had a very successful game in our hands, with a potential of at least 200,000 downloads. So we can honestly say that we did exceed our expectations."

Rovio cannot have expected the response it got, but soon turned to his advantage.  Angry Bird is now a brand, and a wealth of Rovio is examining all possible for-profit spin-off - keep an eye out for the TV series Angry Birds, board games, soft toys and games for PC is your way to more soon.

Profits on a Small Scale

Do not be discouraged by the numbers of Angry Birds, though - there are developers out there making a handsome profit from advertising on free applications that are nowhere near that scale.  One of them is Neil Inglis, the creator of beds at Christmas, who took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. We asked him how he got in developing applications:

"I was a software engineer for six years, but always on a large system that took months to develop and even longer to deploy!"  He said:  "The idea of ​​being able to produce a small standalone app that meets the needs of a user and allows you to see the results immediately, I really liked it."

Inglis has developed some applications, but what was his best creation so far?  "Number of Christmas has been my most successful.  It's a small, fun application that really caters to children and families. I've had more than 1.5 million downloads and [the application has] spent some time as the Application number one top free in the UK.  The application is ad-supported revenue and leads to tens of thousands of pounds a year."

So, is the development of applications now its only source of income?  "I'm at the point where I would have supported purely on development applications," he says, "but I'm a bit 'nervous about the stability of income, so I will not give up my day job yet -."

What kind does Inglis think works best - selling applications for free with advertising, publishing or simply pay for apps?

"It depends on the type of application," he said.  "For applications in trade to the 'mass market', the advertising works really well, but you need to ship in large volumes.  For specialized applications, you'll never make enough off of advertising, no matter how targeted, so pay is the way to go.  There are still problems to convince users that it is worth paying the price of a cup of coffee for an app, but I hope that this changes in the future."

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