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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why it Won't Suck if Sarah Palin Runs for President in 2012

Okay, you may be saying to yourself “Doc Vogel you must be out of your f**king mind…what the heck are you thinking?!”  And you probably share that view with millions of other Americans and probably with some people outside of our country as well.  With what Sarah Palin has done over the past 3-4 years and what she represents to a fairly niche but passionate group of citizens in the U.S., then it is very understandable how a number of you have this viewpoint.  However, there is some interest out there, and given the current field of Republican candidates, maybe she could be a shot in the arm for the whole party.  So below, here’s what I think why it won’t suck if Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012:

4) America loves a competitive election and Sarah Palin may be the best person to go toe-to-toe with President Obama.  This time four years ago, the field was getting extremely packed with a field of very reputable candidates to vie for the 2008 Democratic nomination, including Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Edwards and host of other senators and governors around the country who were extremely motivated to replace the eight-year contentious tenure of George W. Bush.  Not only did they start campaigning as early as January of 2007, but some were having exploratory teams looking into the possibility of a presidential run even as far back as the beginning months of 2006.  Fast forward to the present day, and the current crop of Republican presidential candidates is a thin field at best.  The field actually seems to get thinner every other week (e.g., Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump to name a few recently who’ve said they would not join the pack).  Barring the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who would also add some oomph to the field, Palin could be the only one with enough moxie to stick it to Obama during the debates.  Hopefully, this time around she knows the names of a few magazines that are sitting on the coffee table in her living room (think Katie Couric questions in the last election).

3) Sarah Palin’s star power could make for a very interesting next 17 months on the campaign trail.  With the publicity she garnered this weekend on her bus tour of America, there’s no question that whatever step she takes the former Alaska governor creates grand headlines.  Again, there is fairly large part of the country that thinks that the world would go to sh*t if Palin was elected, and Obama would win in a landslide victory anyway.  But for some reason, whatever she does she attracts some serious attention. From her family reality television show, to guest appearances on Fox News or Saturday Day Night Live, to seeing her watch daughter Bristol on Dancing with the Stars, she seems to always be the center of attention.  Yes, she’s a pretty lady, but there are a lot of good looking females out there.  I guess since she’s a former governor and has good looks and is a woman, she gives us something different to consider outside of Hilary Clinton.  Whatever the case, this lady has given political star power a whole new definition.

2) The Tea Party fanatics have a poster child other than Michelle Bachmann.  Sarah Palin gives the ultra conservative family values focused faction of the Republican party someone to call their own.  If she were to run, she definitely has more name recognition and the above described star power that Congresswoman and former Minnesota State Senator Bachmann currently doesn’t have (yet, although her star is also on the rise in the party).  Palin would just neutralize any effect that Bachmann would have in a presidential campaign, and they actually might cancel each other out in the eyes of the voters (resulting in a split Tea Party vote).  With this faction being such a strong force right now in the party, and giving full backing to a Palin presidential bid, then their voice can be heard around the country for months and could possibly help lead the former Governor to a strong showing come November 2012.  And hasn’t she been categorized by some as the female Ronald Reagan, who as former Secretary of State James Baker has said would be leading the Tea Party if he were alive today?

1) In Sarah Palin, we would have the first female presidential candidate in the history of our country.  Yes, she has many faults, clearly doesn’t have the book smarts that someone like Obama has, and seems to cherish the spotlight just as much as she wants to do some good for the country.  Also, there has been a strong negative reaction over the past few months around the U.S. to anything associated with the words Sarah Palin (if you don’t believe me, then just check out Bill Mahrer’s weekly TV show on HBO and you’ll get the point).  But what she does bring to the table is a sense of grass roots conservatism and anti-elitist sentiment that goes exactly counter to what the Democratic party stands for, and if packaged right could be a huge motivator to the Republicans boosted by the Tea Party express.  Remember, our country seems to still be divided due to the unemployment rate in America continuing to be very high (including 17% in the African American and 12% in the Hispanic communities respectively), our national debt/deficit being way out of control but the government still spending like it’s black Friday every day, our educational system being vastly surpassed by seven of the developed countries around the world in math, science and reading, and now the U.S. taking a military backseat during recent international operations (e.g., Libya).  At the very least, it will be a history making campaign, with I’m sure many twists and turns along the way.

So if her presidential aspirations do come to fruition, then pull up a chair and get ready for some fireworks folks, because this one is going to be a heck of a wild ride.  And if she falls on her pretty little face then so be it, but to me it really won’t suck if Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012!            


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