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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10 Most Infamous Political Sex Scandals of the Last Fifty Years

Top 10 Most Infamous Political Sex Scandals of the Last Fifty Years...OMG Sooo High School! 

10. Anthony Wiener and Twitter Pictures. The aptly-named married New York Democratic Congressman recently resigned his seat after it was disclosed that he sent sexual messages and pictures of his bulging crotch to women via Twitter. He also joined the list of dumbest actions by a politician.

9. Arnold Schwarzeneger and Mildred Baena. Also in 2011, the Terminator admitted to having a 10 year-old love child with the family housekeeper. With a divorce pending, former Mr. Universe’s idiocy caused his popularity to tank and dashed any hopes for a future Presidential run.

8. Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne. Known as the Chappaquiddick incident, the Senator was driving from a late party with a lover in 1969 when he drove off a bridge into an island channel, causing Mary Jo’s drowning. Kennedy was never charged with her death, and the incident is a perfect example of how an influential political family can insulate one of their own from consequences of stupidity.


7. John. F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Back in 1961, the press had scruples even if the President did not, and the short-lived hot sexual affair between JFK and Marilyn Monroe was barely reported. If a similar affair happened now, it would be global media frenzy. Even so, it is idiotic for a president to have an affair with one of Hollywood’s hottest!

6. Eliot Spitzer and his Prostitutes. The former governor of New York, a self-described family man and corruption fighter, actually corrupted himself after spending over $80,000 in campaign funds for high-class prostitutes, which landed his career and personal life in ruins in 2008.  How moronic!

5. Mark Foley and his Text Messages. In 2006 this Congressman was Chairman of the House Caucus of Missing and Exploited Children and had introduced legislation targeting online sexual predators. A closet sexual predator himself, Foley sent idiotic sexual messages to teenage male pages. Although he was never prosecuted, his career was ruined.

4. Mark Sanford and Maria Chapur. During a 2008 seven-day disappearing act, the South Carolina governor’s staffers claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, while he was actually in Buenos Aires with Chapur, his Argentinean mistress. Afterward he was almost impeached but refused to resign, although his stupidity ruined his marriage and political career.

3. John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. This former North Carolina Senator was forced to drop out of the 2008 Presidential campaign after he was exposed as having an affair and a child with Hunter, a campaign staffer, while his wife, Elizabeth, was dying of cancer. The scandal has resulted in current criminal charges that Edwards used about a million dollars in campaign funds to cover up the affair.

2. Gary Hart and Donna Rice. In 1987 the married Colorado Senator was forced to drop out of the Presidential campaign after it was reported he was having an affair with a beautiful model in Bimini on a yacht named Monkey Business. The rising Democratic political star’s moronic affair crashed and burned any political aspirations he might have had.

1. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton was actually impeached in 1998 after White House aide Monica’s semen-stained dress disproved his denial of their sexual relations in the Oval Office. Clinton admitted to oral sex and using a Cuban cigar in her genital orifices. This is definitely the most infamous political sex scandal of the last 50 years, especially since it ultimately cost Vice President Al Gore the presidency in the 2000 election to a relatively unknown George W. Bush who had no clue about foreign policy at the time!

High School Behavior at the very highest levels of power and influence.  Shame Shame Shame....


So high school...Is the fact that Sarah Palin thinks Africa is a country, and that this Dr. Rick Vogel guy is completely ignorant of the fact that foreign born citizens cannot hold the office of President of the United States Of America...

"With a divorce pending, former Mr. Universe’s idiocy caused his popularity to tank and dashed any hopes for a future Presidential run."

His presidential hopes and aspirations were tanked at birth. Somebody please call Arnold and tell him...He is probably still sweating over this "idiocy".

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