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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top 5 Things That Continue to Make China RED HOT

I’ve written about China a few times in the past 6 months, and deservingly so.  They have become such a superpower that some experts believe they will surpass the United States in various categories regarding power and influence over the next 10-20 years or sooner.  They educate their children extremely well, focus exhaustively on research and development and continually invest wisely in their plans to extend their reach well beyond their Asian borders.  Here are the Top 5 things that continue to make China red hot around the world:

5) Shanghai has created 125,000 millionaires in a city of only 25 million.  The Chinese economy is still booming, and has resulted in a slew of wealth across the country in many of its major cities. They are making huge strides in various industries and have motivated many different countries around the world to export their wares to this Asian mega conglomerate (e.g., thousands of tons of steel from Brazil are being shipped to them to support China’s ever growing housing and commercial development projects).  Due to their strategic investments and wise spending habits, they are definitely the country to watch and this will continue as long as their housing market doesn’t transform into a bubble state and suddenly bursts in the near future.      

4) China doesn’t try to expand its military influence too strongly into many different countries at one time.  In contrast to the U.S., China believes in building their military dominance at specific points around the globe versus the widespread strategy that our holier than thou country does, and thus their budget is 1/6th that of America’s.  The leaders of our great country believe that our democratic way of life is good for the rest of the world and ultimately impose our will on some less powerful (and non-democratic) countries that must abide by our heavy hand.  From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya, we will spend hundreds of billions of dollars (that we don’t have) to create a worldwide democracy.  China has a whole different military philosophy in place and has been spared financial demise because of it.

3) Kids in the U.S. are starting to view China as a global leader.  “You are so Chinese” had a much different connotation just 15-20 years ago, and meant something very derogatory in the eyes of the person saying it.  Today that same phrase has become a serious badge of respect out on the playgrounds throughout America because of what China represents to a whole new generation of millenials and younger who view the Chinese as extremely smart, technologically savvy and in charge of an extremely fast growing emerging nation.  They have cheap labor, products that have thoroughly engrained themselves in our culture and are now leading the way in terms of economic superiority globally.  Excluding they’re government censorship and horrible human rights record, what’s not to like?      

2) Their technology presence has expanded into the lives of its average citizens.  Can you believe the Chinese are now dating online like never before?  Yes, internet dating has increased 100 fold in the past couple of years in this country, and is multiplying every single day.  The traditional boy meets girl by parent interaction and set up is becoming a thing of the past, and technology is starting to pave the way to a whole new type of Asian courtship (Wall Street Journal July 2011).  Wow, it sounds very American to me!  You would think the Chinese government would ban this type of action because of the security threats that this could cause by lack of regulation and control.  Maybe social reform is slowly creeping onto their radar screen.  From its major search engine Baidu to its micro blogging leader Sina Weibo, and now online dating sites like Jiayuan (the biggest in China that recently went public and increased its revenue 150% in 2010) a social media transformation that cuts across all classes in the country is beginning to mirror our technology path here in the western world.     

1) There are no signs of slowing down yet.  Christmas has definitely come early in China and the Grinch is nowhere in sight.  A revolution has started and we better make way for this new leader who has popped their head out of the sand.  And again, as long as there are no major financial hiccups that put a stranglehold on the country, which is always a possibility (ask Greece, Portugal and Ireland), then the path to superiority is within clear view.  This leading Asian country is continually mentioned in news, business and entertainment programs throughout the airwaves, and there's no wonder why it is so easy to write about them here on this blog constantly.  For America to compete we need to take the hard lessons learned and put extra emphasis into infrastructure, education and innovation (and not just technology innovation which we already seem to be good at).  And for gosh sakes, can we stop all the Washington, DC bickering and create more jobs!!  Oh to make all my wishes come true…


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