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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 10 Most Famous Hollywood Child Star-Stage Parent Feuds

Child star – stage parent feuds are not uncommon, especially in Hollywood. Here are the top 10 all time most famous child star- stage parent feuds.

10. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino vs. Frank Sorrentino.  Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation filed suit against his father, Frank, in May 2011 for defamation after a series of public rantings by Frank against his Situation son. In July 2011, Mike The Situation filed to dismiss the suit, as long as his dad apologized and promised not to blast him in the press anymore. So high school!

9. Gary Coleman vs. Edmonia and W.G. Coleman.  Gary Coleman became an instant child star in 1978 when he was cast as Arnold in the long-lasting TV series Diff’rent Strokes. In 1989, Gary sued his adoptive parents for stealing from his $3.8 million trust fund, and won. After Gary’s death in 2010, his funeral was scrapped due to ongoing feuding about his estate. What stupidity!

8. Tori Spelling vs. Candy and Aaron Spelling.  Tori Spelling began acting in Beverly Hills, 90210 when dad Aaron was producing the show in the 1990s. Tori and her mother Candy always had a rocky relationship, but it came to a head after Aaron died in 2006 and only left Tori about $800,000 of his massive fortune. Tori and her mom are still feuding with no end in sight because Candy disapproves of Tori and husband Dean’s reality show. How idiotic!

7. Macauley Culkin vs. Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentup.  Maccauley Culkin, the Home Alone star, battled his dad, Kit, from the time he started acting due to Kit’s arrogant and demanding attempts at controlling Maccauley’s career. When the never-married parents separated in 1995 and started their own battle over Maccauley’s acting fortune, Maccauley put his finances in the control of his accountant. Smart move!

6. Lindsay Lohan vs. Michael Lohan.  Lindsay Lohan, child movie star made famous at age 11 by playing twins in the 1998 remake of Parent Trap, has had a lengthy and very public problem with alcohol and drugs. On the one hand, brainless dad Michael can’t keep his mouth shut about their problems and Lindsay is sick of him; on the other hand they kiss and make up on a regular basis. One of the dumbest ongoing feuds ever!

5. Aaron Carter vs. Jane Carter.  Dancing with the Stars child celebrity 16-year-old Aaron Carter cut off ties with his mom and manager, Jane, and filed for emancipation in 2003 when Jane allegedly stole $100,000 from his bank account. Just when Aaron decided to try and reconcile in 2004, Jane was arrested for beating up Aaron’s dad’s / her estranged husband’s girlfriend. In 2006, their life’s soap opera became a reality show. So high school!

4. Drew Barrymore vs. John and Jaid Barrymore.  Drew Barrymore became famous at age seven for her part in the 1981 movie E.T. Her parents divorced before she was born and dad John was not around. Feckless Jaid, a B-movie actress, took famous little Drew partying with her to lots of hot L.A. clubs, landing Drew in rehab at age 13, and emancipated at age 15. How moronic!

3. Tatum O’Neal vs. Ryan O’Neal.  Tatum O’Neal became an Oscar winner in 1973 at age 10 for her role in Paper Moon with her father, Ryan. A 25-year estrangement followed after Tatum blamed Ryan for her teenage problems with alcohol and drugs, and accused family friends of molesting her. Currently, Tatum and Ryan are doing a reality show about their attempts at reconciliation. Another one of the dumbest!

2. Mackenzie Phillips vs. John and Michelle Phillips.  Mackenzie Phillips, troubled child star of the TV series One Day at a Time, revealed that her dad John raped her, sexually abused and did drugs with her for 10 years beginning when she was a teen. Mackenzie’s stepmother, Michelle, says Mackenzie is lying. Yeah, right. How moronic!

1. Leighton Meester vs. Constance Meester.  Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester sued her mom and ex-manager, Constance, for custody of her younger brother, and then Constance counter-sued for millions. Leighton’s younger brother has multiple medical problems, and Leighton was sending her mom $7,500 per month for his medical expenses. Idiotic Constance was using the dough instead for her own botox, hair extensions, and plastic surgery – and wanted even more. Definite stupidity!


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