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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have International Beauty Pageants Headed Down the Toilet?!

Not that anyone would really notice it, but the Miss Universe competition is crowning a new winner on September 12th.  I’m not sure who actually watches such things, but someone must since they keep doing them. (I’m assuming that means that there is still a Miss America, since isn’t that who’s supposed to be in the Miss Universe thing…or am I mixing up my beauty pageant chain of succession?)

Anyway, there was just a news blurb about the event which is being hosted in Brazil. Apparently, the organizers had to have a conversation with the young women involved about remembering to wear panties.

That’s right; the people in charge had to point out to the women the need to wear underwear during something being broadcast internationally.

Maybe, since so many of the outfits that these women wear cannot be worn with a traditional bra (hello, double-sided tape!), they just thought that going commando was easier. Maybe, in a generation that seemingly can’t stop taking naked camera phone pictures of themselves, the closer to nude they remain the easier it is.

In reality, the discussion about making an effort to cover up va-jay-jays, came about after the current Miss Colombia – Catalina Robayo – was caught in an upskirt snafu by local photographers when the short skirt she was wearing rode up a little bit too much.

I’m not a prude. I have nothing against women not wearing underwear. An attractive woman not wanting to wear clothing is usually A-OK with me. Want to go out to the club not even sporting a thong? Fine with me.
However, it does seem like there needs to be a line someplace and I’m pretty sure that a pompous international beauty contest is probably it. After all, I’m going to guess that this is being aired on every country’s normal broadcast network, not the various equivalents of Cinemax. There has to be at least a little bit of decorum, doesn’t there?

I’m sure that the controversy – as much as they might protest – doesn’t really hurt the Miss Universe people all that much. Having anyone say anything about their event should be welcomed, since this is the first time that I’ve ever paid this much attention to the Miss Universe contest…ever. (Although, I do remember my older brother watching it when I was a kid and there were only three channels and no Cinemax.) And, this is at least something primarily for adults, so the level of outrage even if something happened would be somewhere well south of Britney Spears showing up at a Teen Choice Awards with her unencumbered nipples popping through her spandex top.

But, if our beauty contestants are really going to just start whoring around like the general population, what does that say about us? Shouldn’t the contestants – many of whom have been trained since childhood to be as fake as possible in order to impress judges – be able to at least fake some ladylike behavior?
If we can’t trust the beauty pageant group to show us the right way to behave, really, who can we trust?


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